Thomas Wilson

Thomas Wilson

An accomplished business guru, our CEO holds a degree from Philadelphia's esteemed Fox School of Business, accredited by AACSB. With a knack for practicality, they've orchestrated the launch of diverse small enterprises and guided fellow entrepreneurs in optimizing their ventures. Trust their seasoned insights for invaluable advice tailored to new businesses and LLCs.

How to Check LLC Status

How to Check LLC Status

As financial professionals, we’ve witnessed the significant impact that a “Revoked” or “Dissolved” status can have on businesses. Just as you prioritize your company’s financial well-being, it is crucial to stay informed about your LLC’s status. In this article, we…

What Is NAICS Code for LLC?

What Is NAICS Code for LLC

An essential tool within the North American Industry Classification System, a NAICS code deciphers the economic activity of businesses across sectors. Every business, including LLCs, is assigned one primary NAICS code that precisely articulates its principal business activity to various…

LLC Taxed as S Corp

llc taxed as s corp

If you’re a small business owner, choosing the right business structure can seem like a puzzle. One piece of that puzzle might be an LLC taxed as an S Corporation. Let’s break that down. An LLC, or Limited Liability Company,…

What Is a Governor of an LLC

what is an llc governor

In the complex realm of business structures, the role of a governor in a limited liability company (LLC) is often misunderstood. Grasping the meaning of this function is vital, as it directly correlates with the management structure, members rights, governance…

How to Change an LLC Name

how to change llc name

The name of an LLC is a fundamental aspect of its identity, often encapsulating the company’s purpose, values, and brand. However, there are instances when an LLC might contemplate changing its business name. These scenarios can range from rebranding efforts…

How to Add a DBA to an LLC


A DBA, often referred to as a fictitious business name, presents lots of opportunities for branding or marketing purposes. It provides your LLC with a distinctive DBA name, separate from its business registered name. This small shift can have a…