7 Cheapest Registered Agent Services in 2024

Launching an LLC requires making crucial choices that can greatly impact your business. One such decision revolves around selecting an LLC filing service that not only safeguards your legal requirements but also ensures smooth operations.

A vital aspect of this process is choosing a dependable registered agent service, which is a legal necessity when establishing an LLC.

From our position as financial advisors, we understand the importance of cost efficiency in business operations.

That’s why we’ve dedicated our time and resources to analyzing the market for the cheapest registered agent services. We’ve delved into company details, engaged in conversations, and assessed customer reviews.

As a result, we’ve narrowed down the top contenders to a list of seven outstanding providers.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into our reviews. We invite you to explore these affordable registered agent services, all rigorously tested for reliability, efficiency, and value for money. 

7 Cheapest Registered Agent Services in 2024

1 – Northwest Registered Agent

Northwest is a seasoned player in the professional registered agent service industry, boasting over two decades of experience. Their expertise extends beyond agent services, as they also offer LLC opening services and lend a helping hand to small business owners.

This trusted company enjoys a strong reputation on the Better Business Bureau (BBB), where they have achieved an impressive average rating of 4.55 out of 5 stars.

Our Experience

Our personal experience with Northwest’s service was indeed remarkable. The process of signing up was simple and direct, eliminating any potential hassles. Their knowledgeable customer support swiftly addressed any queries we had, further enhancing our experience.

One standout feature was the intuitively designed user dashboard, which facilitated easy document management and provided timely alerts.

Moreover, the complimentary mail forwarding service was a major plus, guaranteeing that all our legal notifications were promptly delivered.

  • Registered Agent ($125 per year): Their registered agent provides a business address and a physical location in the state where your business is registered to be used for the public record, ensuring privacy protection; it also includes digital mail forwarding for the first year, allowing you to receive and manage documents online. 
  • LLC Formation Service ($224 + State Fee): Filing formation paperwork plus 12 months of registered agent for free.


  • Competitive pricing for their services
  • User-friendly online dashboard for document management
  • Digital mail redirecting included for the first year
  • Prompt customer service
  • Worry-free compliance guarantee


  • Limited availability of customer service outside regular business hours
  • Limited additional services beyond registered agent and conformity management

2 – Swyft Filings 

Emerging as a formidable player in the realm of LLC services, Swyft Filings has been consistently serving entrepreneurs with impeccable legal services since its inception in 2015.

They offer streamlined and cheap LLC formation services, guiding customers through the necessary steps and paperwork. Additionally, they provide online registered agent services, EIN acquisition, and compliance monitoring to ensure businesses meet state requirements.

Their excellent reputation is reflected in their impressive online feedback, with a Trustpilot rating of 4.8 stars and an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, showcasing their dedication to customer satisfaction.

Our experience

Our encounter with this company’s registered agent left us thoroughly impressed, both in terms of its professionalism and efficiency. The platform facilitated a hassle-free selection of services, smoothly guiding us through each step without any glitches or unnecessary delays.

The clear and straightforward process meant that reaching out to their customer service was simply to gauge their responsiveness and domain expertise. In this assessment too, Swyft Filings proved itself exemplary, promptly and adeptly addressing all our queries and concerns.

  • Registered Agent ($199/year): Ensures that your business receives documents and conformity notices. It includes mail forwarding, document scanning, and online access to documents.


  • Reliable registered agents in all states
  • Conformity alerts available to prevent delays
  • User-friendly platform with access to documents
  • Responsive customer service


  • No discounted or free registered agent services
  • No option for same-day document scanning and redirecting

3 – MyCompanyWorks

MyCompanyWorks has established itself as a highly regarded and reputable company, ranking among the top registered agent service providers in the industry.

Throughout the years, they have continually evolved, offering a comprehensive range of services that include online registered agents, filing services, and tax consultations.

Customers highly value their agent service, as reflected by positive ratings on trusted platforms such as Trustpilot and BBB, where they maintain an impressive average rating of 4 stars.

Our Experience

Using MyCompanyWorks’ agent service was incredibly smooth and user-friendly. Their platform has a straightforward interface for managing all necessary legal documentation.

Besides, their customer support operator showcased exceptional friendliness and willingness to assist. We were notably impressed with the swift and efficient service they provided, giving us the confidence and reassurance that our legal responsibilities were managed with utmost professionalism.

  • Registered Agent ($99 per year): Efficient handling of all legal correspondence and notifications on behalf of your business during regular business hours; a secure online portal to manage and track filings; redirecting of all essential legal papers promptly to your designated location.
  • LLC Formation Services – Entrepreneur Package ($179 + State Fee): LLC starting service plus operating agreement and 12 months of registered agent at no cost.


  • Affordable pricing compared to competitors in the market
  • Timely handling of paperwork, ensuring conformity with state requirements 
  • Accessible portal for easy management of time limits
  • All annual reports and legal obligations are being taken care of


  • Its Basic LLC package doesn’t include free registered agent service
  • Isolated incidents of slow response times

4 – Harbor Compliance

A renowned company and a leading provider of registered agent and compliance solutions, Harbor Compliance has grown significantly over time.

They are experts in assisting LLCs and nonprofit organizations in fulfilling their legal and compliance obligations, with a plethora of services to adhere to state regulations, such as LLC packages and agent options.

As for their reputation, feedback about Harbor Compliance on platforms like Trustpilot and BBB has been varied, with ratings of 2.9 and 3.86 stars, respectively.

While a large number of customers appreciate their services, some have voiced concerns about delays in resolving order issues.

Our Experience

While Harbour Compliance doesn’t have its own registered agent and works with third parties for this service, we were pleased with the budget-friendly registered agent service they offer.

We did encounter some delays in document forwarding, which caused minor inconvenience but nothing that could produce legal problems. They have performant customer service and a top-notch platform that speeds up the ordering process.

  • Registered Agent ($89-$99): Reliable document handling; conformity software for tracking essential time limits and requirements.


  • One of the cheapest registered agent services
  • Quick handling of legal paperwork
  • Comprehensive conformity software for tracking obligations and annual reports
  • Discount for buying more years in advance


  • Harbor Compliance has some delays in document redirecting

5 – Bizee

Bizee (formerly IncFile) is one of the best registered agent services, especially for cost-effective assistance in LLC openings. They have a strong reputation for reliable legal services and superior value.

In addition to being an online registered agent, Bizee provides comprehensive support in LLC establishment, including all required documentation for a seamless start-up process.

They also offer extra services like EIN procurement and business name searches. Bizee has earned a stellar 4.7-star rating on Trustpilot and an A+ rating from BBB.

Our Experience

Finding a registered agent through Bizee’s platform was simple and convenient, and we had an excellent conversation with their knowledgeable customer service operator, which answered all our questions promptly.

Unfortunately, there were occasional delays in receiving alerts for new legal documents, which could be improved. Nevertheless, there were no cases of misplaced papers, which maintains Bizee among our favorite agent services.

  • Registered Agent ($119): Access to legal papers and notices; reminders for time limits.
  • LLC Starting Package – Silver (0$ + State filing fees): Filing the Articles of Organization plus 1 year of agent services for free.


  • One free year of registered agent with the Silver package
  • User-friendly website and easy management of legal papers and annual reports
  • Helpful customer service


  • Occasional delays in receiving alerts for new documents
  • Limited options for additional features or premium legal services

6 – Rocket Lawyer

Known as one of the best LLC formation companies that also offer inexpensive registered agent options and legal advice, Rocket Lawyer is a good choice for businesses looking for more than business formation services.

The company is highly regarded on Trustpilot where they have an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5, based on more than 2,500 reviews. They have also obtained an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Our Experience:

We found that Rocket Lawyer’s pricing was competitive compared to other well-recommended registered agent service agencies. They offer tailored plans for different business sizes and budgets, with discounts for longer-term contracts.

However, we were surprised by some undisclosed charges during the sign-up process. While these charges were small and didn’t affect our overall satisfaction, they caused initial confusion.

  • Registered Agent ($149.99): Appointment of a registered agent to handle service of process and notices on behalf of the business; receive correspondence at the registered agent’s address.


  • User-friendly website
  • Conformity notices and free mail forwarding
  • Discounts for long-term registered agent contracts


  • Add-ons pile up quickly increasing the overall costs
  • Some users have reported occasional delays in document delivery

7 – ZenBusiness

ZenBusiness, founded in 2015, has rapidly evolved into a leading provider of filing services.

Notably rated 4.8/5 on Trustpilot and accredited by the BBB, ZenBusiness consistently receives high praise for its value-packed offerings, being considered the best registered agent service by entrepreneurs looking for simplicity.

In addition to its LLC bundles, ZenBusiness also provides agent services and ongoing compliance support. The company even allows forming an LLC in just a few clicks thanks to its automated tools.

Our Experience:

After thoroughly testing ZenBusiness’s services, we found them to be impressive overall. The interface was user-friendly and intuitive, facilitating easy navigation. The customer service team provided timely support, addressing all our queries satisfactorily.

Though the turnaround time was slightly longer than expected, the quality of service made this a minor inconvenience. We also appreciated the additional features like alerts and document organization, adding value to their offering.

  • Registered Agent ($199): This comprehensive service ensures you’re timely notified about all correspondence, keeping your business compliant with state regulations.


  • ZenBusiness offers one of the best LLC services in the market
  • Their customer service operators are well-trained and ready to help
  • Easy access to conformity information


  • Some users have reported occasional delays in document delivery
  • Longer filing time unless you pay for expedited filing
  • Their registered agent does not include a free year when purchasing an LLC package

Factors We Considered When Selecting the Cheapest Registered Agent

When selecting the cheapest registered agent services, we considered several crucial factors to ensure quality wasn’t being compromised for cost.


Starting a business already implies putting all your financial efforts into it. So you’ll want to reduce administrative costs to a minimum.

There are already LLC-opening companies that will file the papers on your behalf for free, but you can also find a budget registered agent provider that will offer all the benefits you are looking for.

Our top choices for the cheapest registered agent services are Northwest Registered Agent and Bizee.

Customer Support and Responsiveness

As a business owner, you may have questions or concerns about conformity and administrative duties. A top-notch customer support team can greatly improve your efficiency.

ZenBusiness and MyCompanyWorks excel in customer support, with positive ratings for their prompt assistance in addressing customer queries and concerns.

Privacy and Security

When entrusting your business entity to an agent service, you need assurance that your sensitive information is handled with care and protected from misuse.

While numerous registered agent providers offer good data protection, Northwest excels in this aspect, implementing robust security measures to safeguard customer data and using its own registered agent.

Ease of use

Navigating the legal environment can be challenging, especially for newcomers. That’s why it’s essential to choose professional registered agent services that are user-friendly. Look for platforms that simplify managing paperwork, compliance, and related tasks.

Both MyCompanyWorks and Bizee offer intuitive interfaces with useful features like alerts and filing assistance.


Besides the essential duties of a registered agent, it’s useful to explore the extra perks provided by different agencies. These may include free digital mail forwarding, tax consultations, or discounted/bundled features for LLC opening.

For example, Rocket Lawyer offers a wide range of features in their LLC offerings, such as customizable operating agreements, compliance alerts, and access to a network of attorneys.

Are There Any Other Factors to Have In Mind When Choosing the Cheapest Registered Agent Service?

While cost efficiency is crucial when choosing the right registered agent service, it’s not the only factor worthy of consideration. Here are other essential aspects to bear in mind when selecting the most affordable yet effective registered agent.

Reliability and Reputation

7 in 10 customers choose a reputable company over one that hasn’t gained their trust, says Adobe, so trust is essential in business. When you purchase registered agent services, you need a registered agent that is dependable and has a good standing in the industry.

By using the agents of companies like Northwest and ZenBusiness, for example, you have higher chances to receive high-quality services that are delivered on time.

Expertise in Industry and Jurisdiction

A knowledgeable registered agent can provide valuable assistance with various legal issues. Based on customer feedback, Northwest and ZenBusiness have demonstrated expertise in this area.

Refund Policy

 Look for a provider that offers a clear refund policy to protect your investment. While many registered agent agencies charge a fee, some like ZenBusiness provide a registered agent for free with their LLC bundles, allowing you to test their legal services at no cost.

Benefits of Using a Registered Agent Service

Leveraging a cheap registered agent service can be a game-changer. This cost-effective solution offers numerous advantages, from ensuring compliance to saving valuable resources, which we will explore in this section.

Time and Resource Savings

Instead of spending valuable hours researching and handling legal requirements, you can rely on registered agent agencies to handle these tasks efficiently.

By delegating the responsibility of receiving and managing legal papers and alerts to a registered agent, you can focus on running their companies and pursuing growth opportunities.

Expert Legal Guidance

Using a cheap registered agent offers the key benefit of expert legal guidance. These agents have a deep understanding of state regulations and conformity requirements, ensuring LLC compliance. They provide valuable insights, helping entrepreneurs navigate processes and avoid costly mistakes.

In a 2022 survey by the Legal Business Board, 70% of small businesses using professional help expressed satisfaction with the service received. This underscores the crucial role of agent services in providing professional guidance.

Professional Representation

Another advantage of utilizing a cheap registered agent service is the assurance of professional representation. Agent services act as a company’s point of contact for official matters, ensuring that legal documents are handled promptly and professionally.

Reliable Mail Handling

Registered agents provide reliable mail handling services, ensuring that important papers and notifications are promptly delivered to small business owners. This eliminates the risk of missing crucial deadlines or overlooking essential notices.

Flexibility and Extended Hours of Operation

Registered agents offer flexibility and extended hours of operation, ensuring that LLCs can access support and assistance when they need it most.

Many registered agent agencies have excellent customer support teams available during regular business hours, as well as resources and FAQs for after-hours assistance. This flexibility allows you to address any concerns promptly.

Access to Multiple Jurisdictions

Access to multiple jurisdictions is particularly beneficial for companies that operate across different states or plan to expand their operations in the future.

Registered agents have the expertise to handle conformity requirements in various jurisdictions, simplifying things for entrepreneurs and ensuring compliance with state regulations.

Mitigating Non-Compliance Penalties

By hiring a registered agent, you can mitigate the risk of non-compliance penalties. Top registered agent services stay informed about filing deadlines and regulatory changes, sending timely reminders to ensure that businesses fulfill their obligations.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Agent services offer an additional layer of privacy by using their address as the company’s registered office address. This ensures that the business owner’s personal address remains private and shielded from public records.

Ensuring Compliance with State Regulations

survey by MetricStream (2021) revealed that 48% of businesses found compliance with state regulations challenging. Using a registered agent helps ensure conformity by providing expert knowledge of state-specific requirements and timely filing of necessary papers.

Most registered agent services stay up to date with changing regulations, relieving LLCs of the burden of monitoring and understanding complex requirements.

Why Trust Us?

As financial professionals with years of experience, we understand the overwhelming task of choosing the right registered agent service. Our expertise and thorough investigation make us a trustworthy source for recommendations.

We go beyond research by actively engaging with service providers. We contact their customer support teams, evaluating their responsiveness and knowledge. Additionally, we request sample legal paperwork to assess quality.

Our investigation includes analyzing user feedback, and carefully examining each company’s website, pricing, features, and legal services. Furthermore, we chat with other users and speak directly with sales teams to gain a comprehensive understanding of the service.

Our Recommendation for The Cheapest Registered Agent


While it’s not necessary to utilize an LLC service provider when opening your LLC, why not take advantage of the expertise and knowledge offered by companies that provide such services for free?

One such company is Northwest Registered Agent, which not only offers free LLC creation services but also provides its own registered agent at no extra costs.

Although they may not have as extensive a list of features as some competitors, they compensate for this with a strong set of advantages, which includes a top-notch customer service and a swift filing process.

After carefully considering numerous options, we selected Northwest as our top choice based on their affordability, high-quality service, and positive reviews. Our experience with them has been exceptional, solidifying our recommendation.

Carla Baker

Carla Baker

With an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania and a proven track record, our Co-Founder brings expert guidance to new small businesses and LLCs. Her portfolio showcases a history of successfully launching and managing diverse ventures, while her passion lies in empowering others to navigate the world of business.