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Business Idea Validation: Still Popular For a Reason or Simply Overrated?

“Money talks, bullshit walks”

– Stephen King

The (Classic) Fear

If I were to ask you, “What’s the number one fear of new entrepreneurs right before the launch” what would you say?

Ok, I am not a mind reader but if I had to guess, I’d probably think you will go with the classic:

Putting something out there that nobody wants!

But you know what; in case that you missed it, 21st-century entrepreneurs seem to have figured this out…


3 words: Business. Idea. Validation.

Yep, just do a simple Google search for: ‘How to test demand before building a product’ and you’ll come across 1000s of articles, books, podcasts preaching the importance of battle-testing your idea before jumping in.

And if you’re someone like me your first reaction, chances are, would be to say: that’s a good thing.


It prevents you spending a ton of time (and money) on the wrong ideas

– It forces you to make your target customers part of the product creation process

It gives you a chance to collect feedback early on before to start getting emotionally attached to “your baby”

– It enables you to have a MUCH smoother course correction should you find that you’re heading in the wrong direction

But if it’s such a good idea why to waste our time debating this concept in the first place?

Simple. Because is not as straightforward as it sounds!

Let’s get straight in…

Testing Demand Before You Get Started

But before jumping on the other camp, I think it worth opening a parenthesis and exploring how today’s entrepreneur (try to) test the market’s water before diving in.

So, what’s the answer?

Here you go…

Method #1: Targeted Surveys

You know the drill…

Go and find your people, either online or offline, present the business proposition (what the problem is & how you intend to solve it), ask a bunch of “relevant questions” and close with the BIG question: if this product was available would you buy it?

Method #2: Do the ‘landing page thing’

The story usually goes like this:

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