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Having a Better Mousetrap; Then What?

“A ‘startup’ is a company that is confused about – 1. What its product is. 2. Who its customers are. 3. How to make money.”

– Dave McClure

Startup Marketing…

Got the product?

And your people (aka beta-testers) love it? 

If the answer is yes, is probably a good time to start thinking about marketing.

Yes, marketing…

As we have established in an older post self-selling products don’t really exist.

I know… sad!

And if that alone was not enough, here is the kicker:

Getting noticed as a new (& mostly unproven) startup is a tough work.

In fact, according to many, making a new product visible to its target group is probably one of the biggest challenges that new startups’ face.

But you probably already know that.

So, how do you let know people you exist?

Introducing Paid Traffic

Well, a very popular choice among startup founders is to buy (or at least try) their way into market penetration.

Yes, even the ones with the small pockets (which as you might imagine are still the large majority) play around with this idea.

And needless to say, there are a ton of such options out there…

… search ads, social ads, display ads, video ads, sponsored articles, programmatic marketing, 3rd party email lists, just to name a few.

As of why, if I had to pick one factor, I’d probably say that is because unlike the past, most contemporary advertising platforms, do not require you to bet the farm, but rather give you the option to start small.

But options-aside the question really is:

Does it make (business) sense to deploy paid traffic when you’re just starting out?

Or maybe is simply just a terrible idea for getting the word out at this early phase?

To Advertise or Not To Advertise?

So, what’s the verdict?

Well, before jumping to early conclusions, let’s first take a look at both sides of this argument.

Shall we?

Cool … here you go!

The Case for Paid Traffic (For Early-Stage Startups)

Wonder why it makes business sense to deploy paid traffic?

2 (key) reasons…

Reason #1: Paid Traffic helps you test biz assumptions fast


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